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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court offers one of the most significant challenges many families will face. Two types of cases appear in Juvenile Court: deprivation and delinquency.

Deprivation is an allegation that a parent or parents are not caring for a child appropriately. Most people faced with having their children removed by the State need an advocate to help navigate the system of dealing with the Department of Family and Children Services and law enforcement, determining what their rights as parents are, and an advocate in court. Addressing a deprivation claim at the earliest point is necessary to preserve parents rights. In some cases, a Juvenile Court judge will appoint a Guardian ad Litem: an attorney who is tasked with investigating and determining the best interest of children.

Delinquency is essentially a criminal complaint against a child. Children in this situation need an attorney to safeguard their rights and advise the child and parents about the impact on the child's future. Juvenile Court proceeds much like  adult criminal court, but at a much faster pace. Finding an advocate sooner rather than later is the best course of action.