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Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration offer an alternative to the conflict of litigation, this a law suit. Many times a disagreement can be worked out before a lawsuit is even filed through the use of neutral, independent, impartial mediator and arbitrator.

Mediation is the agreement of parties to engage in negotiation of a dispute through a third party who can provide a buffer for the emotions and tensions in the dispute while also providing a realistic perspective for each side.

Arbitration can take many forms, most commonly individuals or their attorneys engage an arbitrator to hear a conflict or dispute and make determination of the parties without the need of court or as an expedited means to complete a legal case. The decision of the arbitrator can be binding or not, the choice would be upto the parties before the matter is presented to the arbitrator.

Nancee Tomlinson is a registered general civil mediator, family and domestic mediator and arbitrator in the State of Georgia.